Makervillage Inc. is pleased to introduce our intern, Louie Spivak. This soon-to-be Berry grad is passionate about the creative process and it is evident in his design, his writing, and more generally, his life. 

He is studying public relations at Berry, with minors in business and psychology. Not one for wasting free time, he’s also a writer for V3 Magazine, a design intern for a financial services company in Atlanta, and now, our first-ever intern. Originally from the small mountain town of Blairsville, Georgia, we are thrilled to have him here with us in Rome for the remainder of his senior year.

Even with a May graduation looming, Spivak is not sinking into senioritis. Instead, he continues to exercise his entrepreneurial muscles. With only nine months of design experience, he already has developed a reputation as a witty content creator. He is also pursuing freelance design projects, including logo redesigns and brand development, and dabbling in website development. He does not view the learning curve as an obstacle, but instead as an opportunity for originality.

With the end of the year upon us, Louie is exploring the post-college possibilities. He shares, “Although I’m open to anything, the multi-faceted process of brand development really inspires me. It’s writing, art, and problem-solving all wrapped up in one creative experience.”

For Spivak, part of the appeal of Makervillage was the community of knowledge we have cultivated. Louie is a go-getter and a life-long learner, and we look forward to his contribution to the maker and entrepreneurial community through his writing and design. Along the way, we hope in turn to facilitate his growth as a young creative thinker.