In one week from idea to execution, 30 feet of plywood transformed into artistic expression at 206 Broad Street.

The mural was created on the temporary plywood wall covering renovation work by new owners, Cevian Design Lab.  The oil painting by amateur artist, Callie Clark,  is an abstract geometric interpretation of an almost cliche understanding of Rome’s “seven hills and three rivers”. On the mural,each hill is represented by various colors, elements, and textures.

Our goal in coordinating such an impromptu installation is to inspire creative uses of utilitarian and temporary materials into unexpected canvasses around the city.  In the same way that hacking looks at new ways to use old materials or to iterate on machines, code, or other materials for incremental improvement, we think “art-hacking” can provide unique opportunities for artists and unique experiences for community members.

“We are so proud to be part of the joy that public art brings to the ethos of a community,” said Mark Cochran of Cevian Design, “trading plywood for paint will hopefully kickstart a public art revival that will enrich the community.”

The 4-day painting process was captured on film by Vinings videographer and friend of the artist, Gregory Barron.


There are several examples of art being used to aid in selling condos, developing neighborhoods, and redeveloping inner-city lots.  The #unexpectedcanvas initiative is a beta test of these ideas within our small town.

Mark Cochran reports that within two weeks, the property has been seen by three potential buyers compared to just one in the previous two months, and seven potential leasees compared to just three before the mural was installed. May early results be trend indicators!

Property owners interested in participating in the #unexpectedcanvas initiative should submit a request at  We attracted ten artist submissions, and also have several maker exhibits/installations that would be great fits for large open spaces.

Thanks to our sponsors!

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Interested in being involved in similar projects? We are currently accepting artist installation ideas for the next #UnexpectedCanvas. Click here for more information.