After more than a year in the making, we are beyond thrilled to share a project close to our hearts. 

Redmond Regional Medical Center has hired Makervillage to lead the creation of a permanent art installation atop the sunken rooftop in the center of the hospital.  Planned for late spring, the “Art Garden” will be visible from 53 interior rooms on four floors, including the intensive care unit (ICU).  The art installation will serve as an encouragement and comfort to room-bound patients and their visitors.

“We can’t wait to realize an innovative use for this architectural feature on top of our building,” said Andrea Pitts, Redmond Marketing Director,we believe that art and beauty have the power to improve health outcomes and enhance patient experience within the hospital.”

The project involves multiple collaborations with regional artists and organizations.  The centerpiece of the garden will be a 16-foot metal tree made by artist, Erica Parson, with more than 10,000 leaves made of recycled mylar material and cut by local student and community volunteers.  

A knitted and crocheted flower bed covering the majority of the rooftop will be created by members of Rome Knitterati. Finally, an inspiring mural will feature both a daytime and nighttime scene to be experienced during any portion of the round-the-clock care of the hospital.

This project is very personal to me and grew directly out of my experience as a patient” said Makervillage Co-Founder Tricia Steele, “I’m so grateful to Redmond for welcoming big ideas and for these artists and community groups for their talent. By hiring Makervillage to transform this functional space, we will be able to demonstrate the power of creativity with the most unexpected canvas. 

As an extension of the #unexpectedcanvas initiative, this type of project allows Makervillage to broker innovation between established industry and the creative community, hiring artists and artisans for projects that would be difficult or impossible to realize individually. Projects like these provide additional financial resources and allow the non-profit organization to subsidize the cost of membership and services for members while providing meaningful impact for our partner organization. 

There will be several opportunities for community participation in creating portions of the project:

  1. Used mylar balloons can be placed in collection bins in the two main hospital lobbies.
  2. A flower crochet and knit kit is available for Redmond visitors or patients looking to contribute during their stay at the hospital.
  3. Contributions to the project and interested volunteers can register at

An experiential prototype was installed at Makervillage during the city’s 5th Ave Tactical Urbanism event and will be on display until being placed on top of the canopy during the final installation. 


Redmond Regional Medical Center is a 230-bed facility, serving as a regional referral source for all of northwest Georgia and parts of Alabama. Redmond offers a full array of inpatient and outpatient programs, many of which are unique to the northwest Georgia region.

Makervillage, Inc is a non-profit organization aimed at building a culture of innovation in NW Georgia.  Located in Downtown Rome’s River Arts District, the 10,000 square foot cowork facility that inspires and nurtures innovation through a variety of programs, resources, and events.


Andrea Pitts

Tricia Steele