Don’t get us wrong…serving our startup and cowork members is important work, but shouldn’t Makervillage exist for more than that?

Yes. Makervillage is here to grow creative entrepreneurs and startups in Rome, and eventually across the country…not just our daily members.

Events are the best way we can serve that purpose right now. And not just events put on by Makervillage, but other local organizations as well.

So what would you like to do here?

  • Attend a seminar on social media management for small businesses?
  • Check out a monthly painting circle taught by local artists?
  • Learn to code, build products, and make more money?
  • Enjoy drinks and stand-up comedy?
  • Learn how to start a business in 24 hours?
  • Use our space to host your own event?


Looking for the full calendar of upcoming events?

It's right here.