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Intro to Coding workshop

February 28, 2017 @ 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

$175 - $249

Think on this question: what are in-demand skills that could potentially land you a $50k – 70k+ salary and steady job growth for the next 20 years? Surgery? Wall-street stockbroker? Engineering?

Better yet, what if the skills for a high-paying, flexible, rewarding job did not require going back to a four-year college, or even a technical school?

Enter coding.

The U.S. Government predicts a 17% increase in software developer jobs over the next decade (far above average for other jobs), and as of 2015, the median annual salary was $100,690 (source).

Coding bootcamps like App Academy, The Iron Yard, General Assembly (and dozens more) can provide you with a solid developer education in a fraction of the time college takes.

It’s not uncommon for complete beginners (who have zero technical experience) to spend 12-16 weeks in these immersive courses and come out on the other side with a junior dev job making $50k+ a year.

But these courses often cost anywhere from $8,000 to $15,000. How do you know if this type of career is truly for you?

The answer: come take our Intro to Coding workshop!

The Purpose

Our 8-hour program (2 hours a week) is designed to give you insights on programming careers, ranging from front-end development, back-end, mobile, and more. Furthermore, what’s the point of an intro coding class if you don’t get to code?

Over the workshop, we’ll be working through a real website project from start to finish. No prior experience necessary, we’ll get you coding from the group-up in no time.

What you’ll be learning

Seriously, no prior experience necessary. You’ll be starting at the very beginning with a walk-through of what coding actually is, overviews of computer science and different programming languages and frameworks, etc.

You’ll walk away with full knowledge on how a website actually works, and you’ll have real-world experience getting your hands dirty with HTML, CSS, Javascript, and more.

In addition, you’ll get to meet and greet several individuals who do this for a living…and get a deeper view into what life as a developer actually looks like. Is this a path you might be interested in? We seek to help you find the answer.

When is the workshop?

Every Tuesday evening for 4 weeks, beginning on February 28th.

  • 2/28/17 6-8pm
  • 3/7/17 6-8pm
  • 3/14/17 6-8pm
  • 3/21/17 6-8pm


2/13/17 UPDATE: We will now be offering remote access to this workshop. We’ll be streaming the entire thing live, so you can follow and work along from the comfort of…wherever you happen to be!


How much is it, and what do I get?

The price is $249 for the entire program. Included in this price is:

  • 8 hour of instruction, including 1-on-1 time with a professional developer.
  • All program materials (that are yours to keep forever).
  • All software needed
  • Access to the private Facebook group to ask questions, share ideas, get feedback, etc.
  • Many new friends, fun experiences, and a solid preamble to website and software development!

Do I need my own laptop?

Yes, you will need your own laptop. However, if you absolutely cannot acquire your own machine and still want to experience the workshop, send pete@makervillage a message and let’s work something out.

Meet the teachers!

Braden Keith

Sales guy by day, developer by night. I own Romega Digital, a development company serving customers across the U.S. and Canada.

Why are you thankful you learned to code?

It has enabled me to pursue a career where I determine my fate and have time for my family.

Fave language?

Swift, though I’m best at PHP.

Fave late-night snack?

Popcorn (theater style butter)

Who is this intro course for?

  • Career – You are looking for more out of a career, are tired of your dead-end job, or just generally interested in techy things and want to get an intro to this lifestyle and work.
  • Hobby – Building website and apps is fun. People in all walks of life can sit down and enjoy coding. It’s relaxing, freeing, and creative. Come give it a try!
  • Entrepreneur – Wouldn’t it be nice to quickly and easily get your next idea into a real-world MVP? Zero to success (or zero to failure) moves much quicker when you can quickly (and cheaply) code your own experiments.
  • Curious Cats – The world of coding is often exactly that…a whole new world, full of possibilities and fun. Come learn something new and build something fun.



February 28, 2017
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
$175 - $249


Makervillage Creative Hub
252 N 5th Avenue SW
Rome, GA 30165 United States


Makervillage Team

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