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Have a background in technology and want to take your career to the next level? We offer a 12-week full-stack programming course followed by a 4-week fellowship. Our experiential, accelerated learning environment brings together students and industry partners to solve real-world problems in our region.

Not your typical code school.

You’ll participate in rapid prototyping, research and design, and real-time case studies in the manufacturing, healthcare, and civic field areas. Graduates are fully qualified junior developers with average starting salaries around $55-60k.


MVP Code School Elements


  • Full-stack application development
  • Server and client-side scripting languages
  • Responsive front end design and basic UI principals
  • Cloud infrastructure
  • Agile development methodologies


  • REST-based APIs + software integration
  • Big data analysis and visualization
  • Open source hardware
  • Lean startup methodologies
  • Crowd and modern financing
  • Graphics & Design
  • Essentials for startups and entrepreneurs


  • Problem-fueled Friday Code-A-Thons to solve real problems from industry partners as a part of your learning experience.

Courses will be taught by awesome programmers with industry experience using modern technologies. Our curriculum is developed in partnership with local universities and alongside nationally recognized learning models.

We are located in beautiful downtown Rome, GA in a uniquely repurposed industrial space with fiber optic internet service. In addition to our learning and teaching areas, you’ll be exposed to our co-work facility and startup incubator.

MVP Code School Dates

Course Dates:
2017: TBA

Application Period:
Starting Oct. 1

Notification Date:
Dec. 20


Do I need a computer science degree?

No. While many of our applicants come from 2-year computer science programs, it isn’t a requirement. You should have a basic understanding of computer science principles and be comfortable tackling challenging logical problems.

How much is tuition? Do you offer assistance?
$7,000. We are unable to offer financial assistance or deferred payment at this time. However, a limited number of $500 scholarships are are available for vets, women, and minorities. You may pay up front or via installments via a financing partner.

Where will I work when I graduate?
Our students will acquire the skills to work in an enormous range of positions. But a typical graduate will seek a job as a junior web developer. Our goal is to pair each student with a local business, but your code skills will be universally relevant and in high demand.

Do you offer support after the class is over?
Absolutely. We’re here for you in an advisory capacity and would love to see you in our co-working space or accelerator program. We envision a community and network of programmers who continue to partner and inspire each other long after the end of our course.

Do I need programming experience?
A bit. In order to ensure a quality learning experience, each student will be assigned an assortment of “prep work” to be completed before the start of class. The amount of time required to complete this work will be unique to your learning and work history, but we estimate about 40 hours.

How difficult is the course?
Programming is not rocket science. The concepts are highly teachable, even without a computer science background. That said, the course will move extremely quickly. Your challenge will be to absorb and process *huge* amounts of information each week, then apply them in a practical situation with minimal hand-holding. The course is definitely not for the faint of heart.

What can I expect during the application process?
To make sure you’re a good fit for our program, we ask all applicants to complete a series of open ended questions. The “test” requires no programming knowledge and simply gives us an idea of your ability to solve problems and think logically. There is no fee to apply. If you are coming to us as a priority applicant from our educational and industrial partners, you still need to complete the test. Priority applicants will be formally notified of their acceptance on a rolling basis (within 2-3 weeks). All others will be notified on August 1st.

Will I be able to work at the same time?
No. Truly, you will need to focus on this course exclusively. You’ll be in the classroom/lab for over 40 hours/week, at a bare minimum. Probably more like 60+ hours. It will be a jam-packed 3 months, and you’re going to want to be fully invested.

Do you offer a part time course?
No. Learning a programming language is much like learning a spoken language – immersion is best. If you’re just looking to dip your toes in the coding waters, a quick google search for coding tutorials will be extremely useful. But if you really want to work as a full-time developer, it’s best to jump right in!

What type of computer & software do I need?

Do you offer housing?
No. Most of our students will commute from the northwest Georgia area. However, we will do our best to connect you with affordable short term housing if necessary.

Can’t I learn the same information through an online course?
It’s true, all the topics covered in our class can be found online if you know where to look. And we’ll show you how to use those resources like a pro. But more importantly we’ll give you access to an incredible network of instruction, peers, and career support. Instead of struggling alone for hours, you’ll be able to look over your shoulder and ask, “Hey, can you come take a look at this? I’m stuck.”

Why should I choose MVP School?
We are committed to offering affordable programming education specifically for students in the northwest Georgia area. We’ll train you to meet the unique needs of our local businesses, and we’ll pair you with them throughout the course. You will leave with a MInimum Viable Product that solves a real world problem, with the industrial contacts for employment or entrepreneurial resources to start an application-driven company.

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