Christian David Turner

Don’t mind me, just doing my job.#CDPAlwaysGetsTheShotPC: Cameron Flaisch Photography

Posted by Christian David Turner on Monday, October 12, 2015

Meet Christian David Turner, consumate creator and owner of Christian David Photo. A recent Berry Marketing grad, he can also be found at Swift & Finch or V3 Magazine. We hear he always gets the shot. 

  • Hometown: Lawrenceville, GA
  • Hobbies: Playing racquetball, running, reads a lot of photography blogs, advising up and coming photographers.
  • Android or iOS: iOS.
  • PC or Mac: Mac.
  • Favorite Restaurant in Rome: Yummy Thai Cuisine
  • Best place to spot Christian on any given day: Going on a run in the early
  • Favorite staycation spot: Chattanooga, TN
  • Why Rome? Christian says “It’s not about where Rome is at the moment, I just see where Rome is going — big city feel in a small town.There’s stuff going on, its active, but there’s not the whole hustle-bustle of somewhere like Atlanta or New York. Working at Swift & Finch has shown me how great the community is — your teacher, your boss, your classmate, and a stranger could walk into a place like this coffee shop and it makes the whole town feel connected.”
  • Next Makerspace project: He’s going to start building his in-home photography studio!
  • Best thing about living in Makervillage: He says it’s all about the attitude. “If people want to do something, they follow through. And if they don’t know how to do it, we have a crazy amount of human capital at our disposal. Nothing is impossible — think Willy Wonka but with the maker movement.”
  • MottoCreate every day.