Calling all etsy-ers, makers, artisans, crafters, artists, and creative companies in Northwest Georgia!

We are conducting the first ever NWGA Creative Economy survey with the assistance of data analysts at Berry College Nonprofit Strategic Services. If you earn a dollar in exchange for something that comes from your act of creation — art, music, writing, design, code, or craft as a freelancer or business owner — then we want to hear from you.

While the contribution of creative people to better quality community has been generally recognized, we want to better understand the impact of the creative economy in real dollars and cents.  What jobs are being replaced by making your own or supplementing your income? As we understand more about the realities of artisan business, what can all arts and business organizations do to better support you, to meet the needs unique to creatives?  This information will only be shared in aggregate and made freely available to the community so that other organizations may utilize the information to obtain grants, provide resources, or better advocate on your behalf.

Would you take 10-15 minutes to think and report on the business side of your making?

Help us to paint the picture of the arts as it exists in NW Georgia today so that we might add foster new layers being added to that picture in years to come.

Access the survey here:

You can remain anonymous and provide estimates for any numbers.  

Thank you for all you do.