Planting Trees

Every Forest was Once a Tree In a surprise twist of zoning and land development requirements, the very first thing we will do to build out this amazing space is plant trees.  Not just one tree…Not just a few trees…40 TREES.  In the spirit of giving back to... read more

A rainforest begins…

For the past five years, we’ve experimented.  We benefitted from the tremendous investment made by Civitium to found 7hills Makerspace, and I went in on five buildings up on clocktower hill to test the real estate-as-startup-community notion.  If we just got... read more

Calling All Creatives!

Calling all etsy-ers, makers, artisans, crafters, artists, and creative companies in Northwest Georgia! We are conducting the first ever NWGA Creative Economy survey with the assistance of data analysts at Berry College Nonprofit Strategic Services. If you earn a... read more

Crowdfunding for Success: Lessons from Serial Kickstarter

Entrepreneurs. Artisans. Creatives. Are you wanting to propel your vision to the next level? Are you hoping to involve the community in your dream? Crowdfunding expert Alex Lavidge will be hosting a crowdfunding workshop and Q&A at Heritage First Bank on March 8 from 3:30 to 4:30.

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Speakcheesy receives MakeBank Loan for Food Trailer

Things have gotten cheesier in NW Georgia. Speakcheesy was selected as the first recipient of a Makervillage microloan to purchase a food trailer.

Hillery Sawyer served up gourmet grilled cheese concoctions across the Rome area for over a year…without a truck. Through a series of “pop ups” driven by social media and personal referral, the company generated a profit since the first event and built a dedicated following of over 1,500 Facebook fans. In order to share her menu with more customers and build the sustainable business she knew was possible, she needed a vehicle.

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