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Speakcheesy receives MakeBank Loan for Food Trailer

Things have gotten cheesier in NW Georgia. Speakcheesy was selected as the first recipient of a Makervillage microloan to purchase a food trailer.

Hillery Sawyer served up gourmet grilled cheese concoctions across the Rome area for over a year…without a truck. Through a series of “pop ups” driven by social media and personal referral, the company generated a profit since the first event and built a dedicated following of over 1,500 Facebook fans. In order to share her menu with more customers and build the sustainable business she knew was possible, she needed a vehicle.

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Mohawk Hires Makervillage for 3D Design Fifth Grade Challenge

Mohawk Industries has hired Makervillage to lead design and production of 3D accessories for the Mohawk Group LightLab Design Center.

Makervillage will deliver 3D printed lampshades through a unique partnership with Elm Street Elementary and the Berry College Creative Technologies program. Fifth graders at Elm Street will compete to design lampshades for the LightLab employee cafeteria.

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Welcome Louie Spivak, Makervillage Intern

Makervillage Inc. is pleased to introduce our intern, Louie Spivak. This soon-to-be Berry grad is passionate about the creative process and it is evident in his design, his writing, and more generally, his life.  He is studying public relations at Berry, with minors... read more

CO.STARTERS program launched in NWGA

Makervillage will offer CO.STARTERS, a nationally renowned platform that helps communities grow local business. The nine-week program equips aspiring entrepreneurs with the insights, relationships, and tools needed to turn business ideas into action.

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Building a Rainforest

It’s a good day to be thinking about rainforests, as flash floods happen in Northwest Georgia, and the rain beats steadily on the roof. The “Rainforest” has been on my mind a lot lately.  I’ve read a great book by that name, written by Victor W. Hwang and... read more

Meet High School App Developer Kenslee Akridge

Warning:You’ll want to put this Rome native’s work in your pocket. In a moment of complete serendipity, Kenslee and his family came to buy a spare desk from the 7hills Makerspace for his use as a budding programmer and app developer. We were thrilled to... read more