The Creative Professional’s Gym

Every week, our entrepreneurs are prototyping new ideas or producing something unique.  While not every hobby or art supports a business, we think you’ll notice the difference when working with creative people with access to tools and surrounded by a community of energetic makers with diverse skills.

7hills Makerspace is like the health club membership for the minds of Villagers.  We go there to work out their creative muscles, learn new skills, and work alongside experts and novices alike. By working with other creative people and making things with our hands, we are constantly being refreshed and energized with new ideas.

Tools Without Overhead.

In the past, businesses had to make sizeable investments in equipment in order to offer superior products. Makervillage companies have access to the best tools for creating without the bulky investment needed to buy them outright. This translates to cost savings to you without any exchange in creative value.