Choosing the right city for you and your business can be difficult. There are a lot of factors to consider, both personally and professionally. You want to choose somewhere that your business can flourish in the long term, somewhere that offers unique advantages to you, and a place that is the right fit for you and your family. When weighing your options, consider Rome.

1. Best Small City in the Southeast

In the New Rating Guide to Life in America’s Small Cities, Rome ranks as both the Most Livable City and the Best Small City in the Southeast. With just under 100,000 people residing in the county, you’ll find a small town feel, but with plenty of economic development and potential to grow your business.  Stop wasting time sitting in traffic and get to Rome, where you can live and work in the same city!

2. Low Startup Costs

Once you’ve moved past the coffee shop phase, Makervillage is a place to rent an office in our hub for as little as $200 a month including utilities.  When you need to scale up, you’ll find a variety of options within the ever expanding square footage without worry with changing lease terms.  We think that the ability to take risks is what makes entrepreneurship possible. For that reason, we have absorbed the risk that most traditional landlords wouldn’t, and we let you commit to as little as three months. You can give yourself time to get that project off the ground, work towards a successful crowdfunding campaign, or experiment without fear that you will owe money if it fails. In the same vein, we do not charge deposits for our startups or run credit checks. We do, however, interview our startups for fit within our community and talk to personal references.

3. Resources to Help You Succeed

You’ll have access to 7Hills Makerspace, a community workshop located in downtown Rome, where you can access various production equipment and artistic resources for prototyping or creating your own startup schwag. There, you’ll be also meet artists, engineers, business owners, and students who can help you as you are growing your business.

Commercialization options and business expertise are just a connection away through our Board of Advisors, manufacturing clients and friends, as well as a network of entrepreneurship resources through the Small Business Development Center.

4. Incredibly Fast Internet

At One Gigabit per second, portions of Rome have internet speeds 1000 times faster than the national average. You’ll be able to upload and download files, stream videos and presentations, and conduct business at an unimaginable speed, concurrency, and reliability. Whether your product is internet-related or not, modern startup business thrives on the always-on cloud for accounting, invoicing, productivity, conferencing, and file storage tools.

5. Quality College Interns

Berry College was ranked by US News as the best up-and-coming liberal arts college in the United States. It has the nation’s premier student work program, in which it pairs local businesses and students together.  As small businesses try to grow, hiring college students can be an ideal option to attract quality employees at a price significantly under market value.

6. Excellent Childcare/Schooling

Floyd County is home to excellent education, with plenty of public and private schools to choose from. Private schools include Berry College’s Elementary School, Saint Mary’s Catholic School, Unity Christian School, Darlington School, and Montessori School of Rome. You can move to Rome with confidence that you’ll be able to find the right school for your child.

7. Ability to Impact Change

In Rome you can be a big fish in a small-but-flourishing pond. Here, you’ll have the ability to impact change and help shape the future of an entire city. The success of your business can help the community grow in a variety of ways. You may be able to hire local employees, become a board member of a local charity, or even help to attract new businesses to Rome. In Rome, city officials want to hear from business owners, so you can provide input on what our city will become.