Every Forest was Once a Tree

American Chestnut SeedlingIn a surprise twist of zoning and land development requirements, the very first thing we will do to build out this amazing space is plant trees.  Not just one tree…Not just a few trees…40 TREES.  In the spirit of giving back to our city, we are working with Berry College Biology department to plant twenty American Chestnut trees and twenty Longleaf Pines.  Both of these species have been near extinction in the recent past. Dr. Cipollini’s and his student research team have been at the restoration project for awhile.  This won’t be a formal research project, but of course, it will be very interesting to see what the fail/thrive rate of these seedlings will be in a reclaimed industrial land.  

The metaphor is just so obvious, it’s sappy (pun intended!) Just as each of these tree seedlings is small, we’re banking on their potential. We look forward fondly to the day when a small forest has been created just off the bank of the Oostanaula –  a forest of ancient trees and modern businesses both returning valuable resources to our city.