Startup and Cowork community in downtown Rome, Georgia.

Everything you need to go from idea to shipped product, whether digital or physical. The multi-purpose facility will house code school, startup pods, accelerator, co-work space, artisan workshops, marketing lab, shipping center, and community art gallery. All freelancers, remote workers, entrepreneurs, creatives, and artisans welcome!

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Why lawyers matter: lessons in cowork real estate

One of the most often repeated pieces of advice for entrepreneurs is to get a great attorney and accountant. Those that have seen the seedy underbelly of business know full well the devastating consequences that can come from a hastily executed agreement that goes south or lack of planning that leads to financial woes come tax time.
When property is involved, the importance of this advice is increased ten-fold. And for a non-profit that is relying on the governance of a board and support of contributions as well as customers, there is no way to overestimate why great legal and financial counsel are an absolute must.

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Host an event at Makervillage

Makervillage is here to grow creative entrepreneurs and startups in Rome, and eventually across the country…not just our daily members. Events are the best way we can serve that purpose right now. And not just events put on by Makervillage, but other local organizations as well.

So what would you like to do here?