Makervillage Creative Hub offers competitive advantage for business in Rome, ga.

Clustered Creativity

It’s just a fact that creative people energize one another.

Rome, GA Maker City Icon

Creating Localized Revenue

Year one impact rang in at $2.7 million in revenue.

From Small Town to Global Reach

Member-made products and services sold in 48 states + 15 countries world wide.

Speakcheesy receives MakeBank Loan for Food Trailer

Things have gotten cheesier in NW Georgia. Speakcheesy was selected as the first recipient of a Makervillage microloan to purchase a food trailer.


Mohawk Hires Makervillage for 3D Design Fifth Grade Challenge

Mohawk Industries has hired Makervillage to lead design and production of 3D accessories for the Mohawk Group LightLab Design Center.


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Makervillage contains the 7hills Makerspace.  With access to several 3D printers, lasercutters, woodshop, sewing and crafting tools, heat press, electronics, A/V, sound recording, or any of the other shared tools, our members are constantly expanding what’s possible within their own discipline. See what the Maker Difference means for creative projects.